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Sheldon Lab Systems  

Founded in 1898, Sheldon Lab Systems has long been the industry leader in manufacturing casework and equipment for the science laboratory environment.  Known for their high quality of construction and innovative design of instructional equipment, Sheldon Labs is the premier source for outfitting your science lab.

We offer free layout assistance and specifications for whatever type of project you have.  Sheldon will design your science lab area with casework and equipment specific to each teaching discipline including prep/storage areas while maintaining ADA code compliance.  

Sheldon also provides products and layouts for elementary science, high school art and life skills rooms.  Shown below are a few examples of science lab layouts.

Multi-Discipline Lab
Axis infinity tables
Chemistry Lab
TEII tables
Biology Lab
Trifacial tables
Traditional Lab
pier table
3-D fly thru of Axis lab
(can be slow to download)
3-D fly thru of TEII lab
(can be slow to download)
3-D fly thru of Trifacial lab
(can be slow to download)
3-D fly thru of Pier lab
(can be slow to download)
Sheldon finishes:
Oak wood stains
Axis Infinity colors
Fume hood colors

Sheldon specialty item images and installation portfolio link

Sheldon featured Texas installations list:    
North Texas/East Texas
West Texas/Panhandle
South Texas

Sheldon website link for much more information regarding products and lab design options - www.sheldonlabs.com


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